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About Music 2 Video

Whether you’ve cracked the charts or on your way to setting the music world alight, a music video plays a vital part in promoting your sound to a larger audience.
Compress Media’s Music2Video makes visualising the image, ambience and attitude you want to accompany your music easy and enjoyable, delivering impressive results to the new entertainment-fuelled generation on all formats.

“It was an exciting process and a big project to pull off. Two days to film the storyline and performances at a stately home in Derbyshire, and let’s not forget the horse. However, Compress had it covered, it was planned well and without the stress of wondering what happens next we were able to relax and enjoy it. Both our manager and I were very pleased with the finished result and we are all looking forward to releasing the single. Thank you.” – Zenon

“We all had a right laugh cos none of us had done a video before. It just went dead quick, I think we’d done in a few renditions, a week later we met up to have a look at the finished version and loved it. It’s certainly helped us get our name out there, which is half the battle. Cheers” - Alex Piearey, North of Watford

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