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Our Services

Compress Media can bring your project to life with inspiring ideas, a wealth of experience and our own broadcast quality equipment which together with our remote control (R.C.) Helicopters and cameraships, gives us incredible scope to produce films on projects of all sizes from land and air, and in many formats, including:

  • DVD [4:3 & 16:9 ratio]


  • HD DVD [16:9 ratio]

  • MPEG Files

  • AVI Files

  • ...or the format of your choice

Our diverse range of media services exists to:
  • Create new and exciting films, videos and promotional campaigns for DVD, graphic construction, television or online.

  • Reduce the time, cost and effort you need to invest in both personal and commercial media projects.

  • Inject ideas and creativity into your story, promotion or event.

  • Let the power of communication unleash your project’s full potential.

All of which results in stunning productions for DVD, television, graphical construction or online.

Equipment Used

We are able to provide a range of equipment to add atmospheric and diverse shots to any sequence, including:

  • Crane Jib (10-15ft)

  • Tracking Dolly

  • Professional Lighting

Our Audio equipment available includes:

  • Rode NTG-3 shotgun microphone

  • Sennheiser ME 66 with K6 powering module

  • Sennheiser G2 radio microphones

....All of which will record to solid state in field recorders.

Additional Services

Compress Media also offers the following professional video services:
  • Cine and Video to DVD

  • Colour Grading on all types of footage

  • Photo Slide scanning

  • Copywriting, narration and score

  • Powerpoint Slideshows

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Tel: 01246 431963 or 07814 279011

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